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November 9th: MFU Applauds Montana’s Farmers & Ranchers

November 4th: MFU Recognizes Junior & Senior Youth at Annual Convention

November 4th: MFU Honors Insurance Agents

November 4th: MFU Honors Lambert 100-Year Farm at its 100th Convention


October 26th: Convention Marks Milestone – Looks to the Future of Agriculture in Montana


September 15th: MFU to Attend Washington, D.C. Fly‐In

September 11th: MFU Announces Annual Convention Save the Date & Register Online


August 25th: Bruno Hired as Communications Coordinator for Montana Farmers Union

August 4th: MFU Comments on EPA Clean Power Plan Rule


July 10th: BLM Land Exchange Proposal


June 30th: MFU Opposes APHIS Decision on Importation of Beef from Areas with Foot-and-Mouth Disease

June 19th: Leading ag experts highlight need to address climate change

June 9th: PLOWING FORWARD – Great Falls meeting, June 19

June 3rd: Montana Farmers Union Announces Climate Change Resource & Educational Program


May 28th: Parker Memorial Golf Tournament

May 19th: MFU Attends a Special Spring Fly‐In with Country‐of‐Origin Labeling Law Focus

May 14th: MFU Comments on BNSF Increased Wheat Freight Rates from MT...


April 28th: MFU Awards Higher Education Scholarships


March 27th: Farmers Union Officials Granted Audience with Pope; Vatican Leaders to Discuss Importance of Family Farming and Ranching

March 18th: It’s a Statewide ‘Thank a Farmer or Rancher’ Day...

March 16th: Attend a FREE Screening of “Terra Firma” – a film about Women, War and Healing

March 12th: MFU Members to Participate in NFU 113th Convention

March 6th: MFU Members Appointed to NFU Advisory Council


February 25th: Free Workshops on Family Farm and Ranch Transition

February 9th: COOL Lawsuit Dismissed; NFU Calls Canadian Attempts To Lobby Congress “Last Act of Desperation”


January 23rd: MFU to Hold 3rd Annual Women’s Conference

January 22nd: Economic Downturn and Other Factors, Not COOL, Caused Decline in Live Cattle Imports to the U.S.

January 22nd: MFU Offers Scholastic Scholarships



November 25th: Misinformation Stampedes Through Cattle Country

November 5th: MFU Honors Insurance Agents

November 5th: MFU Awards Address Education and Hunger at Annual Convention

November 3rd: 3 Farmers Union Members to Attend National Symposium on Faith and Farming


October 7th: MFU Applauds Montana’s Senators and 30 others for COOL Position

October 6th: U.S. Congressional Candidates to Debate in Great Falls


September 11th: NFU Honors Champions for Family Agriculture with Golden Triangle Award

September 9th: NFU Board of Directors Votes to Withdraw from Beef Check-off Working Group

September 8th: MFU Convention – Save the Date & Register Online

September 4th: MFU to Attend Washington, D.C. Fly‐In


August 7th: MFU Collegiate Member Siroky Receives Scholarship

August 5th: Another COOL Victory


July 16th: EPA Clean Water Act Webinar


June 9th: Ralph Parker Memorial Golf Tournament


May 8th: MFU to Hold Farm Bill Education Meetings

May 8th: MFU’s Mid-Year Meeting Covers MT Hot Topics

May 5th: Family Farming is the Driver of Rural Economies


April 23rd: MFU U.S. Must Remain Vigilant About Foot & Mouth Disease

April 16th: STB Directs Service on BNSF and CP

April 10th: MFU Submits Testimony to the STB on Rail Access

April 4th: MFU 2014 Summer Camps – Local Leaders, Global Changes

April 2nd: Family Farmers Address Energy Issues

April 2nd: MFU President Alan Merrill Attends WFO Meeting


March 13th: MFU Members Return from National Farmers Union Convention

March 5th: The Marketplace Must be Competitive for Family Farmers


February 28th: MFU Hires Business Development Director

February 13th: MFU to Send Students to NFU 2014 College Conference on Cooperatives

February 12th: IYFF Celebrates Family Farmers & Conservation

February 4th: Two Years in the Making – Farm Bill Finally Passes


January 28th: Livestock Benefits in the 2014 Farm Bill

January 27th: Farm Bill Being Attacked Again

January 23rd: MFU Education Director Attends NFU Women’s Conference

January 13th: One More Push to Support COOL



December 3rd: Montana Farmers Union Gives $20,000 to COOL Defense Fund


November 22th: MT Farmers Union Represented on USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Committee

November 19th: MFU Comments on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rules

November 14th: MFU Again Calls for Five-Year Farm Bill Passage


October 30th: MFU Producers Visit with Senator Max Baucus about Farm Bill

October 1st: Federal Government Shutdown Causes Uncertainty


September 24: MFU Convention Registration Opens

September 11th: MFU Comments on Latest COOL Lawsuit Ruling

September 11th: MFU Attends Fly-In with Focus on Farm Bill, COOL and the RFS


August 19th: Siroky Receives MFU & NFU Foundation Scholarship

August 16th: Help Protect Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL)


July 30th: National Farmers Union (NFU) Joins COOL Lawsuit

July 11th: MFU Senior Youth Elected to National Board

July 10th: MFU Opposes Dividing Farm Bill Into Pieces

July 13th: Coalition of 532 Organizations Urge Farm Bill Action


June 20th: MFU Disappointed in House Farm Bill Vote

June 19th: Montana Farmers Union Urges U.S. House to Pass a Farm Bill

June 12th: Ralph Parker Memorial Golf Tournament


May 24th: USDA & COOL Ruling

May 17th: MFU Applauds Farm Bill Progres


April 23th: MFU Statement Regarding Senator Max Baucus’ Announced Retirement

April 19th: MFU to Offer Wind Energy Tour

April 4th: Nationwide Coalition Urges USDA to Protect Integrity of Country of Origin Labels

April 1st: Sign the Petition to Protect COOL


March 22nd: MFU to hold healthcare meetings


February 25th: MFU Members Travel to National Farmers Union Convention

February 5th: MFU & MHC Partner on Statewide Health Care Educational Meetings


January 22nd: RS provides farmers and fishermen with estimated tax penalty relief IR 2013-7

January 8th: Farm Bill Extension Found Lacking

January 3rd: MFU - Farm Bill Extension Lacking



December 11th: 2012 Budget Deals

December 7th: MFU Calls for Action on Tax Issues before Year’s End

December 3rd: MFU Board Member Dan Downs Dies in an Accident


November 14th: Nothing Lame About the Work Congress Faces

November 13th: Feeding America – a great way to give

November 6th: MFU Junior Youth Receive Awards at Convention

November 6th: Montana Farmers Union Honors Senior Youth with Highest Award

November 7th: MFU Honors Six Centennial Farms and Ranches


October 17th: MFU to Hold 97th Annual Meeting & Convention

October 17th: Support Beginning Farmers & Ranchers


September 18th: A Few More Reasons for a Farm Bill NOW


August 21st: Drought - the Worst in 50 Years

August 15th: Ag Officials Investigate Invasive Snail

August 8th: Montana Farmers Union Youth Elected to State Advisory Council

August 1st: MFU President on farm bill


July 30th: Farm Bill Stalling – a Disaster in the Making

July 24th: Disaster in the Making

July 18th: MFU Supports Extension of SURE Program

July 17th : MFU Youth Elected to NFU' National

July 13th: MFU Comments on House Ag Committee Passage of the Farm Bill


June 29th: WTO Ruling Does Not Require Labeling Change

June 28th: MFU Comments on Court Upholding Affordable Care Act

June 26th: Farm Bill Balancing Act

June 19th: MFU Monitors Farm Bill Debate

June 4th: MFU Joins Senator Baucus and his Trade Delegation for Dinner


May 29th : WFO to Meet in Rome

May 25th : Parker Memorial Golf Tournament

May 24th: Montana Farmers Union Presents to Tajikistan Visitors

May 21st: MFU President Alan Merrill to Attend World Farmers Organization Meeting in Rome

May 20th: MFU & MCA to Partner on Mid-Year Meeting

May 17th: Pea and Lentil Inspection Changes

May 16th: 2012 Farm Bill Update

May 2nd: Top 10 Beginning Farmer/Rancher
Issues for the 2012 Farm Bill

May 1st: April Showers Bring May Flowers


April 3oth: MFU Schedules Oil & Gas Leasing Workshops in May 2012

April 24th: Senate Ag Committee Farm Bill Summaries

April 13th: MFU to Join in NFU Washington, D.C. Fly-In

April 12th: MFU to Host Oil and Gas Seminar in Glasgow

April 3rd: COOL is Worth Fighting For


March 26th: Montana Farmers Union to Hold Farm Bill Listening Session with Senator Baucus in Great Falls

March 23rd: MFU Supports Appeal of WTO Ruling on COOL

March 9th: MFU and Pondera County Extension Sponsor Oil and Gas Workshop in Conrad

March 8th: The Power of Collaboration

March 3rd: MFU to Hold Oil and Gas Seminar in Plentywood


February 14th: MFU Schedules Oil & Gas Leasing Workshops in February 2012

February 10th: Finding Food in Farm Country -- Ken Meter Workshop on Local Food Strategies

February 7th : Oil Boom in Montana?


January 19th : MFU on Keystone XL Pipeline Status

January 11th : Finding Food in Farm Country



December 20: MFU Schedules Oil & Gas Leasing Workshops in January 2012

December 15 : Montana Farmers Union Hires Education Director

December 14: Feeding America

December 1: MFU Comments on Proposed Changes to Child Labor Regulations


November 28: Ralph Parker Memorial Scholarship Presented to Montana State University

November 28: MFU Honors Insurance Agents at Convention

November 28: Montana Farmers Union Honors Senior Youth with Highest Award

November 15: Montana Farmers Union Supports Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL)

November 15: Support Local Farms, Food & Jobs

November 2: 2011 Convention Photos


October 19: Junior Youth Receive Awards at MFU Convention

October 19: MFU Honors Four Centennial Farms and Ranches

October 18: GIPSA Rule Supported

October 18: Montana Farmers Union Elects Officers & Addresses Current Events in Policy

October 5: MFU 96th Annual Meeting and Convention - From the Soil to the Salad Bar


September 21: Ready or Not - Here 'It' Comes

September 14: Montana Farmers Union Honors Senator Jon Tester

September 13: Montana Farmers Union President Reports from South Africa


August 31: MFU Members to Attend Washington, D.C. Fly-In

August 31: MFU President to Attend Worldwide Farmers Convention

August 24: The Dog Days of Summer Mean Harvest

August 11: MFU Applauds Senator Baucus Appointment to 'Super Committee'

August 2:


July 28: MFU Urges Caution in Post Office Closings

July 28: MFU Opposes Proposed Commercial Driver's License Requirement for Agriculture

July 28: Teaching Cows New Tricks

July 22: MFU to Hold 96th Annual Convention - Save the Date

July 15: MFU Pilot Program Trains Cattle to Eat Weeds

July 15: Montana Farmers Union Joins Nationwide

July 7: 2011 Arrowpeak Camp Memories here


June 28: Eminent Domain - a changing power in Montana

June 28: Ag Summit Congressional proposals could ease rail rates

June 28: Ag Summit Budget Crunch could bog down farm bill

June 3: Parker Memorial Golf Tournament

June 1: Is Animal ID back?



May 3: Water Issues are Important and Complicated


April 21: MEDIA ALERT - MFU Meeting May 5, in Plentywood

April 21: MFU Awards Four Grants for Hoop Houses

April 21: Summer Camp Season Coming Our Way

April 1: Pulse Crop Informational Meeting Scheduled


March 18: MFU Delegates to NFU Convention Pleased with Policy Focus

March 8: Legislature at a Public Policy and Ethics Intersection

March 7: MFU Members Travel to National Farmers Union Convention

March 1: March 2011 Transportation


February 16: MFU Identifies Rural Concerns with President Obama's Budget

February 9: Eminent Domain - a power that should be wielded rarely and with care


January 18: MFU to Hold Local Meeting in Jordan

January 18: In Search of the Perfect Metaphor



December 14: It's Almost a Wrap - Best Wishes for 2011

December 12 : MFU Announced Joint Meetings with FSA

December 12 : MFU Announces District Meeting for Sidney

December 12 : MFU Announces December Wind Energy Forums


November 16 : Election Dust Settles and Expectations Rise

November 2: MFU and FSA to Hold Joint Meetings


October 25: Junior Youth Receive Awards at Montana Farmers Union Convention

October 25: MFU Presents Buen with the Margaret Bucher Eklund Award

October 25: MFU Honors Four Centennial Farms and Ranches

October 25: MFU Honors Insurance Agents at Convention

October 25: Ralph Parker Memorial Scholarship Presented to Montana State University

October 25: October is Co-op Month


September 23: MFU to Host 95th Annual Meeting & Convention

September 21: Democracy In Action

September 8: MFU Awards Grants for Two Hoop Houses

September 8: Montana Farmers Union Members Travel to Washington, D.C


August 24: Farmer & Rancher Bill of Rights

August 9 : Montana Farmers Union Opposes Misuse of Eminent Domain Laws


July 27: (Commentary) Health Insurance Reform by the Numbers

July 27: Montana Farmers Union Scholarship Recipients Announced


June 29: Modern-Day Homesteaders

June 6: Food Safety Act Improvements

June 2: Ralph Parker Memorial Golf Tournament


May 30: Summer Camp Season Just Around the Corner

May 5: MFU Attends Rail Customer Day in Washington, D.C.

May 4: Let the Debate Begin

May 4: MFU Presents Testimony at 2012 Farm Bill Field Hearing


April 12: MFU Supports Expanding Trade Opportunities with Cuba

April 6: Is Water the 'Next' Gold?


March 29: Montana Farmers Union Water Forum

March 19: National Farmers Union Convention Delegate Decisions

March 10: MFU Members Travel to National Farmers Union Convention

March 6: MFU Meets with Tester & Vilsack

March 2: MFU Announces Day-Long Water Forum


January 27: MFU Offers $3,500 in Scholarships for 2010

January 13: MFU Provides Grant to Electric City Agriculture Academy

January 12: Commentary - Rail Legislation to Support, S. 2889



December 18: MFU Comments on Senate Rail Bill

December 15: Commentary:Agriculture in Review

December 3: MFU Statement on Announced Rail Rate Reduction


November 17: Commentary:Follow the Money

November 10:FDA Approves Camelina Meal for use in Cattle Feed

November 3: MFU Statement on BNSF Purchase

November 2: Wind Workshop in Madison Valley


October 28: MFU Producer's Seminar November 6-8

October 27: Five Centennial Farms Honored

October 27: MFU Honors Insurance Agents

October 27: Parker Scholarship Funds go to MSU

October 26: Senior Youth Receive Torchbearer Award

October 26: Bishop Receives Education Award

October 22: Junior Youth Receive Awards

October 20: Commentary: Grassroots Policy Making Inspiring

October 20: MFU Members Address Climate, Food Policy & Health Priorities


Sept. 22:Commentary:We Need Health Care Reform Worthy of the Word

Sept. 9: Montana Farmers & Ranchers Travel to Washington, D.C.


August 25: Commentary:Montana's Captive Shippers at a Great Disadvantage


July 28: Commentary:Are Energy Answers Blowing in the Wind?

July 23: MFU and Agri Energy LLC Announce Plans for a Landowner Community Wind Project near Dutton, MT

July 13: Community Wind Workshop 7/23/09

July 8: MFU Awards Higher Education Scholarships


June 30: Commentary: Health care reform necessary for rural health

June 16:Camelina Crop Farm Tour in Geraldine, MT

June 2: Commentary:NAIS is for the birds...and the cows, pigs, llamas, sheep, horses, chickens, etc.


May 20: Summer Camp Season is Almost Here


April 21: Earth Day for Montana's Farmers & Ranchers

April 14:MFU Opposes New USDA Information Request

April 7: Commentary:Infectious Disease Lab in Kansas a Bad Idea


March 20:Montana Legislature:Invest in Rural Montana

March 12:FU Addresses Immediate Issues at NFU Convention & Washington, D/C. Fly-In


February 26:MFU Statement on Rail Report

February 25: NFU President Buis Will be Missed

February 23:MFU Supports COOL Changes by USDA

February 19: MT Farmers & Ranchers Travel to Washington, D.C.

February 12:MFU Offers $3,500 in Scholarships for 2009

February 10: Commentary:Shifting Political Wind


January 21: MFU Somerfeld Appointed to Beef Council

January 15:Commentary:A New Generation of Farmers

January 12: Bridge Access Legislation (MFU-MCA Joint Release)



December 16: MFU Comments on USDA Appointment

December 16:Commentary: Dear President Obama


November 18:Commentary:Can We Feed Ourselves?

November 17:Another BSE Case in Canada Announced


October 29:MFU Board Election

October 29:MFU Insurance Award

October 29: MFU Mildred Stoltz Award

October 29:MFU Torchbearer Award

October 29:MFU Bucher Eklund Award

October 28:FUI Foundation donates money for gasification project in MN

October 21:Commentary:Solutions are blowing in the wind

October 20:MFU Convention Food Drive

October 20:MFU Non-Partisan Notice

October 10: How to Negotiate the Best Wind Energy Deal

October 6:MFU 93rd Annual Convention October 24-25


September 26: Tweten Scholarship Awarded

September 17:Implement COOL as Intended

September 15:Grant Writing Class Offered

September 15:MT Ag Groups Reach Out to Consumers

September 4: MT Farmers & Ranchers Travel to Washington, D.C.


August 26:Commentary: COOL Times are Coming

August 7:Next Carbon Credit Deadline is August 15


July 29: Montana Carbon Credit Income $551,000

July 28: MT Teens Attend 2008 All-States Leadership Camp

July 25: Media Advisory:Farmers Earn Carbon Credit Income

July 25: CRP Court Decision

July 3: Agriculture Producers & Consumers Need Relief

July 1: Commentary: A Threat to the Local Food Movement


June 25:Parker Golf Results

June 18: Finally a Farm Bill

June 3: Commentary:We think we are within months of labeling


May 30: Camelina Farm Tour Scheduled for June

May 30: Parker Golf Memorial Tournament

May 19:MFU 2008 Summer Camp Season

May 15: Senate Vote Sends the Right Message

May 15: House Presents a Veto-Proof Vote

May 6: Commentary:Maybe We Have a Farm Bill. . .Maybe We Don't


April 28:Farm Bill Statement by MFU

April 16:Editorial: Farmers Share of Food Dollar Just 20 Cents

April 10: Permanent Disaster Important Component of Farm Bill

April 8: Commentary:Farmers Share


March 28:MFU to Hold Carbon Credit Sign-up Workshops

March 17:Agriculture Appreciation is Every Day

March 14:Farm Bill Delay a Disappointment

March 14:Slowdown JBS-Swift Proposed Acquisition

March 11: Commentary:Agriculture: an integral part of energy self-sufficiency

March 6: MFU Delegates Help Set NFU Policy


Feb. 12: Running from Diversity

Feb. 8:What Women Need to Know About Financial Planning


Jan. 29: MFU Offers $2,500 in Scholarships for 2008

Jan. 25:MFU Urges Congress to Pass a Farm Bill

Jan. 16:Cloning:a technology looking for a market

Jan. 15:Commentary: A New Generation of Farmers

Jan.14: Carbon Credit Meetings Set for Eastern Montana



Dec. 19: MFU Calls for Limiting Canadian Cattle Imports

Dec. 18: Commentary: Keep Food Dollars Local

Dec. 14: MFU Commends Senate for Farm Bill Passage


Nov. 20: Commentary: Thanksgiving Thoughts

Nov. 19:MFU Supports Limiting Canadian Cattle Imports

Nov 16:MFU Disappointed with Farm Bill Delay

Nov. 9: MFU Calls on Congress to Approve a Farm Bill this Year


Oct. 31:MFU Elects President & Board

Oct. 31:MFU Torchbearer

Oct. 31: MFU Junior Youth Awards

Oct. 31: MFU Insurance Agent Awards

Oct. 23:MFU Non-Partisan Statement

Oct. 23:Commentary:2007 Produces a Bumper Crop of Unsafe . . . . .

Oct. 5:MFU Commends Senate Finance Committee for Permanent Disaster Program

Oct. 3: MFU to Host 92nd Annual Meeting & Convention (Agenda following release)


Sept. 19: MFU Supports a Permanent Disaster Program

Sept. 14:MFU Opposes Proposed County FSA Office Closures

Sept. 13:MFU MembersTravel to Washington, D.C.


August 28:Commentary:Energizing Rural America

August 13:Enrollment Deadline Extended for Carbon Credit Program

August 7:Join the 8th Annual Farm-to-Table Tour


July 31: Commentary: A COOL Celebration

July 27: MFU Applauds House Farm Bill Passage

July 23: MFU Youth Elected to National Advisory Council

July 23:MFU President to Promote Food Safety & Food Security at Nation's Capitol

July 20: House Agriculture Committee Passes a Farm Bill

July 18: The TRUTH about Country-of-Origin Labeling

July 17: MFU Promotes Farm Bill Priorities as House Begins Deliberations

July 9:Farm Bill Consideration to Begin July 17

July 3:MFU to Hold Carbon Credit Meeting

July 3:Commentary: U.S. Senate Ag Committee Field Hearing

July 2: Testimony, MFU President Alan Merrill, U.S. Senate Ag Committee Field Hearing


June 5: Commentary:Safe Food Debate Continues


May 25: Disaster Assistance Neither Unnecessary nor Excessive

May 9: MFU Urges Action on Disaster Assistance Vote Set in U.S. House

May 8: Commentary: 23 Headlines:10 About Food Safety

May 4: Eating Should Not Require A Detective's Skill and Nerves of Steel

May 3: MFU Applauds Senator Tester's Biofuel Crop Insurance Plan


April 10: Commentary:The Long, Lax Wheat Gluten Journey

April 9: Montana Farmers Union Offers Carbon Credit Program


March 22:Opinion: Fast Track Trade Authority Hurts Montana Farmers, Workers by Alan Merrill and David Sirota

March 19: Drive-In and Fly-In for MFU Legislative Action

March 15: MFU Supports End to Fast Track

March 13:Commentary:Spring is Just Around the Corner

March 9: The Tally Grows for BSE Cases in Canada


February 26:Montana Farmers Union Members Travel to National Farmers Union Convention

February 22: National Farmers Union Foundation Hosts 2007 College Conference on Cooperatives

February 13:Commentary:Foolish Legislation is a Rope of Sand


January 31:2007 Farm Bill Statement

January 29:MFU Support for COOL and Congressional Delegation

Jan. 19: Oilseeds & Biodeisel Workshop, February 15 in Great Falls

Jan. 16: Commentary:Proposal to Expand Beef Imports from Canada



Dec. 19: Commentary: Ag Leadership Shifts Projects Farm Bill Changes


Nov. 21: Commentary: Turkey Season

Nov. 17: 'Seeds of Deception' author Jeffrey Smith to speak in Montana

Nov. 17:Young Producers focus on Rural Leadership

Nov. 3:Junior Youth Receive Awards

Nov. 3: Education Director Hired

Nov. 3:Ralph Parker Memorial Scholarship Presented

Nov. 3:Higher Education Scholarships Announced

Nov. 3: Insurance Agents Honored


NOTICE: Non-partison Point of Information

October 28:MFU Elects President & Board

October 25: Centennial Farms Honored at MFU Convention

October 24: Commentary:October is Co-op Month

October 26:MFU 91st Convention Goes Green

October 18: Senator Baucus Holds Listening Session in Fort Benton

October 4:MFU President to Resign

October 4:MFU to Sponsor U.S. House Candidate Debate

October 4: MFU Partners with Co-ops for Customer Appreciation During Co-op Month

October 3: Congressional Decision on Disaster -- a Disaster


Sept. 15: Spinach Scare Points to the Need for Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Sept. 8:MFU Hires Government Affairs and Membership Directors

Sept. 7:MFU Members Travel to Washington, DC for Fly-In


August 29:Commentary:MFU Members Testify at U.S. Senate field hearings

August 28:Guest Column:Commodity Futures Trading Commission Asked to Investigate Low Prices

August 26: MFU Member Testifies Before U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee

August 17:MFU Member Testifies Before U.S. Senate Ag Committee

August 7:7th Annual Farm-to-Table tour

August 1:Commentary:Carbon Sequestration Explored


July 26:MFU State Youth Advisory Board Announced

July 25:MFU Youth Elected to National Advisory Council

July 4:Commentary:Energy Independence Day


June 29: Camelina Field Day July 11th

June 7: Workshop.The Future of America:Energy From Our Farm

June 6: Commentary: Montana's 25x25 Initiative
June 2: Ralph Parker Memorial Golf Tournament


May 9: Commentary: Agriculture's Defining Moment


April 25:High Energy Costs are a Disaster

April 11:Commentary:Join "The Upchuck Rebellion"

April 5: MFU Joins Amicus Brief in Support of Family Farms


March 31: MFU Hires Education Director

March 30:time to Make Summer Camp Plans

March 29: MFU Offers $2,500 in Scholarships for 2006
March 27: MFU Joins Farmers & Ranchers in Washington, DC Fly-In

March 14: Commentary: The Moral Dilemma


February 22:MFU Members to Shape Policy at NFU Convention

February 21:Agricultural Banquet A Success

February 2:House Budget Package Misses the Mark


January 23: MFU:Close Canadian Border Until BSE Problem Resolved
January 17:Commentary: Buy Local, Support Sustainable
January 9:MFU Member Appointed to MT Beef Council



December 12: Opinion:Congress Poised to Break Contract with Rural America


November 22:Commentary: COOL is a Law that Deserves Implementation

November 22: MFU Schedules Producer-Consumer Outreach Event

November 18: MFU Cooperative Leadership Award

November 9:MFU Farm Bill & Trade Special Order of Business


October 31: MFU Awards Scholarship Funds to MSU

October 31:MFU Presents Highest Youth Award

October 31: MFU Awards Youth Scholarships

October 31:MFU Honors Agents

October 31: MFU Elects Officers

October 27: COOL Delayed AGAIN

October 25:Commentary:From the Farm to the Farm


September 25:Commentary:Fuels from the Farm: a promising energy plan

September 23: Montana Farmers Union to Hold 90th Annual Meeting and Convention

September 22:Joint Release: Farm Groups Announce Re-Instatement of BNSF 52-Car Price Spread
September 12:MFU Members in Washington, DC for Fly-In


August 30: Commentary: Participate in Your Government
August 2:MFU Youth Elected to State Advisory Council

August 2:MFU Youth Elected to National Advisory Council


July 28:Opinion:Border Opening Benefits the Few

July 28:MFU Statement on CAFTA Passage

July 22:Follow the Food Path with Montana Farmers Union

July 21:Border Opening Benefits the Few

July 11:MFU President in Alaska

July 5:Commentary:BSE


June 17:Ag Leaders Applaud Congressional Delegation CAFTA Opposition

June 9:MFU Will Continue to Fight for COOL

June 8:MFU Awards Academic Scholarships

June 7:Commentary:USDA: for whom does it work?

June 1:Parker Memorial Golf Tournament June 18


May 16:New Grain Protein Measurements

May 10: Commentary: Rail Competition Legislation Crucial

May 11:Take Action, Be a Star:Free Day Camps for MT youth

May 4:MFU Supports Rail Competition Act


April 22: The Legislature Adjourns Sine Die and Sets the Stage for Rural Montana


April 12: Commentary: Renewable Energy:Good for All

April 6: MFU Hires Education Director

April 1: Opinion:Budget News:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

April 1: MFU Hires Executive Director


March 22: Local Farmer Attends NFU Washington Fly-In

March 22: MFU Legislative Drive-In to Focus onFood and Fuel

March 15: Commentary: Washington Fly-In

March 17: MFU Disappointed in Senator Burns Vote

March 3: Focus on Border Issues:MFU congratulates R-CALF & the U.S. Senate

March 1: MFU Plans Rally at the U.S.-Canada Border


February 16: FU Members to Attend NFU Convention in Kentucky

February 10:USDA Baby Steps Aren't Adequate

February 9:Farmers and Ranchers Didn't Cause the Deficit

February 2:MFU Issues Statement on Social Security

February 2:Rally Supporting Montana Agriculture Planned During President's Visit


January 17: MFU Supports Tsunami Relief

January 10: Producers to Bag Groceries to Promote Consumer Awareness

January 3:U.S.-Canada Border Should Remain Closed



November 24: BSE Scare Unnecessary


October 25:2004 Torchbearers

October 25: 2004 Mildred Stoltz Recipients

October 25: 2004 Officers Elected

October 25: 2004 Ralph Parker Scholarship Presented to MSU

October 25:2004 Insurance Agent Awards

October 1:89th Convention Opens with Gubernatorial Debate


September 27: MFU Urges Emergency Disaster Aid Support

September 17: Six MFU Members in Washington This Week

September 15: MFU Statement on Disaster Relief Vote


August 26:Senior Youth Advisory Council Elected

August 26: MFU Awards Scholarships

August 24:MT Youth Election to National Board


July 29:Follow the Food Path with MFU


June 25:MFU Thankful for Emergency Grazing Authorization

June 15:FU Opposes voluntary Food Labeling

June 1:Parker Memorial Golf Tournament


May 24:36th World Farmers' Congress

May 20:MFU Supports Drought Legislation

May 6:MFU Urges Governor to Request Presidential Disaster Designation

May 4:Join in the Fun:Free Day Camps for MT Youth


April 22:US-Canada Border Should Remain Closed

April 19:MFU Calls for Emergency Haying & Grazing Designation

April 7:MFU Submits Comments to USDA on Proposed Border Opening

April 5:Wind Power Conference on April 29th


March 22: MFU Hires Development Director

March 12:MFU Members Attend Annual Convention in Billings


February 20: Collegiate Conference a Success

February 12:MFU Hires Operations Director

February 3: BNSF Garners Record Earnings on the Back of Montana Captive Shippers


January 30:MFU 'Year of Action' Begins at District Meetings

January 23:Congress Turns Its Back on Farmers and Consumers