June 4, 2012
Contact:  Sandy Courtnage

MFU Joins Senator Baucus and his Trade Delegation for Dinner

GREAT FALLS, MT (June 4, 2012) – Montana Farmers Union joined Senator Max Baucus for a dinner and opportunity to visit with the Senator’s recent trade tour of  ambassadors from Colombia, South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam and Australia.

Chris Christiaens, MFU project specialist and lobbyist, reports that the trade delegation from Colombia had purchased 50 head of Shorthorn cattle earlier that day and mentioned an interest in making further and larger purchases over the next few years.  The Korean delegate had made a purchase of highway striping equipment worth more than $1.53 million from a Montana manufacturing company.

“I found the Vietnam representative particularly interesting,” said Christiaens.  “He discussed the population of his country and compared the birth rate of Vietnam to the population of Montana.”  The populace of his country is 90 million and they have a birth rate of 1 million per year – or equivalent to the state of Montana population in total.  Farms there are very small, but manage to be the largest producer and exporter of rice in the world, selling $7 billion per year.

“I found the trip very worthwhile,” said Christiaens.  “It was an opportunity to be exposed to opportunities for expanding trade with foreign countries, and I was grateful for the invitation to participate.”