Public Education Policy

Education is the cornerstone of our democracy. It has long been regarded as a national ethic, preceding the establishment of our country as an independent nation. The Montana Farmers Union offers several scholarships to promote students who want to go further in the study of agriculture.

National Farmers Union offers curriculum ideas for educators of all age groups

  • Support equitable, quality, inclusive education for all levels because this benefits not only individuals, but our state as well. An educated citizenry is a social protection and an unparalleled economic advantage. We regard education as a public utility, not a fringe benefit.
  • Promote education in cooperative philosophy and practical cooperative business operations in our public schools both locally and with the State Department of Education.
  • Support adequate funding for Agriculture in Montana Schools program.
  • Continue to work for equity in access and quality of educational opportunity for rural areas.
  • Urge adequate funding for vocational-technical education.
  • Commend and support post-secondary efforts such as WAMI (a consortium made up of the states of Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho) and WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education), both of which offer educational opportunities, particularly in professional programs, not available in Montana.
  • Urge higher priority and greater financial support for education on the state and national level.
  • Reinforce methods to make school personnel aware of quality educational and resource materials on cooperative businesses and philosophy.
  • Compile and keep current a list of local and regional scholarships available at Montana's schools and colleges for students in agriculture.
  • Support the research and education activities of the Rural Policy Institute as a means of raising the quality of public debate on issues affecting rural people and the State of Montana.
  • Recognizing the value of Ag Education and specifically the FFA program, we urge the state legislature to provide the specialists necessary to strengthen and continue this program.
  • MFU urges continued support for the 6-mill levy, supporting the University system of Montana.